Welcome to Denali Montessori PTSA online. Here we will share information on events happening at the school, especially PTSA-sponsored events, as well as other information about the school and Montessori education.

We hope you have had a wonderful summer. We welcome back all of our returning students, staff and family and extend and excited greeting to new Denali friends and family.

Community Schools Registration in Open. Please see instructions and the link to our registration site at http://www.denaliptsa.org/community-schools/

Important Dates:

August 1-3: In-person registration (this will also continue through the start of school, especially those who are accepted on the lottery in August!)

August 17: Back-to-School Picnic (4 pm – 6 pm). Come to see friends, share your summer adventures and Kindergartners, 1st and 4th Graders learn who their teachers will be)

August 21: First Day of School 1st-6th Grade (Important Note:  this year, 1st graders will NOT have a delayed start)

  • And the Great American Eclipse.  A Denali grandparent has donated eclipse viewing glasses for our students to safely view the eclipse on the morning of the first day of school; details are still being determined by teachers.  The eclipse will be visible 8:20-10:15 am; if you can help out please contact us at denaliptsa@gmail.com. (And fingers crossed for clear skies!)

August 28: First Day of School for Kindergarteners

September 4: No School, Labor Day Holiday

**Please note this is a 100% volunteer effort, the fundraiser and this website. Over the summer, we will have this site loaded with information on Community Schools, Montessori education at Denali, and PTSA-sponsored events. If you  see an error or omission, or something that could just be improved, please email us at denaliptsa@gmail.com


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