FEBRUARY 2021: Registration for 4th Quarter (classes beginning after Spring Break) will be live by 2/26/2021. REGISTER ONLINE at

Due to COVID, there are several changes to our program. Please read the following “Highlights” to our 2021 Policies. When you register, we will email you a form with the details but the primary concepts and policies are as follows: 

1) Instead of classes, you will just register for the days, morning and/or afternoons your child/children need care.  

2) Classes will be split according a cohort model, based on your child’s classroom. We anticipate 3-4 classrooms will be combined into one “DCS Cohort.” However, we will put siblings together in the same DCS Class/Cohort. 

3) Masks are required. 6-foot social distancing is required. 

4) 100% Symptom Free Community School. We are unable/unqualified to determine if a child’s symptoms are COVID or another illness. In order to operate, we must send them home. You will need to pick up your child immediately – even if its just a runny nose. We know this is a inconvenience and potentially a hardship.   

5) We are limited in capacity – but will maintain a waitlist. 

6) Due to Short school day, our operational times are extended. This is resulting in a significant cost increase. Email us for a scholarship request if needed. 

7) Drop Off & Pick Up:  

  • Drop-Off: Morning DCS will be primarily in the gym. Drop-off at Gym Door at NE corner of building (facing 9th Avenue)
  • After-school: Students will be picked up from their classrooms.
  • 4:30 PM Pick-up at Gym Door. (Adults picking up must wear a mask)
  • Extended Care Pickup (4:45-5:30) Pickup at Gym Door. Parents should call DCS Cell # 907-444-5823 when they arrive. (Phone number will be provided; Mask required at Pick-up)   

Registration is available on a day-by-day basis. Morning DCS is 8-9:30; Afternoon DCS is 3:00-4:30 (with 15 minute ‘grace period’ for pick-up). If you needed extended care until 5:30, a 10-Punch “punch cards for is late pickup is available.  (Late Pick up fees will be charged for students not picked up by 4:45, or 5:30 for extended care students)

**Spanish: At this time, Spanish will continue as a virtual class to maintain our COVID safety requirements. However, for 3rd quarter, we had less than 1/2 of our minimum enrollment. If additional students do not enroll for 4th quarter, this class will be cancelled until next school year and we can hold the call in-person again.



 To register please follow the following steps: 

  • 1. Go to and sign up for an account. 
  • 2. Add your child’s information. To add another child, click “Save and Add Another” or select “Done.”
  • 3. On the class sign-up page, select the classes you need. Select the child’s name. Repeat this process for each day of the week/ each child.
  • 4. For the Half-Day option during the February Parent-Teacher Conference day, select “Camp Signup” and enter the appropriate date & child. (To Be Determined)
  • 5. When you have completed your selections, Select “Checkout.” If you cannot pay the full amount online at this time, please use one of the coupon codes below. We will provide you a Payment Plan form and/or a Scholarship Application Form.  **Please be sure to read our “Policies” it has some important information regarding pick-up time & procedures; behavioral expectations and tuition payment requirements.
  • 6. If you are unable to pay online in full at the time of registration, you will need to enter one of the following coupon codes. 


Payment Plan Coupon Code
Pay nothing now, and either pay In-person or Payment Plan for full amount  PayPlan100
Pay 25% Now and apply for payment plan  of remaining 75% PayPlan75
Pay 50% Now and apply for payment plan of remaining 50% PayPlan50
Pay 75% Now and apply for payment plan of remaining 25% PayPlan25

 Community School also offers discounts to Denali Teachers & Staff and to our volunteer instructors. Please contact us at for your discount code. 

Tuition Payment Policy: If tuition is not paid in full by the first day of classes per quarter, a written payment plan must be agreed to by DCS and the person responsible for tuition payment. DCS does offer needs-based scholarships for tuition– typically capped at 50%. You can find these forms online:  Scholarship Request (2021 Update Pending/ Email us to request at or Payment Plan Application Form. Families with outstanding tuition will not be able to re-enroll for the subsequent quarter(s). Checks returned for insufficient funds will be subject to an additional $25 fee. Please contact us if you are having difficulty paying your tuition, we may be able to help: but we can’t help unless you ask.   

Please contact us at the email below, or talk to Rebecca for help setting up a payment plan. You can pay by check (Checks made to Denali Montessori PTSA), or through paypal by making payment to   

Thank you, and we look forward to a great winter! 

Denali Community Schools, 

Coordinators: Rebecca Pullins and Grace Lopez  and Program Manager/Denali PTSA Liaison: Liza Sanden