Family and community volunteers enrich our students lives in so many ways.  At Denali, families are asked to donate 40 hours of their time  a year – whether that is helping with in the classroom, working on a project from home, chaperoning a field trip or helping out on a PTSA project.  The PTSA uses Signup.com to help recruit and schedule volunteers.  Email denaliptsa@gmail.com to volunteer.

  • Corporate Sponsors and Business Partners Outreach  We need help with outreach for corporate donors and business partnerships
  • Community School Instructors: These are paid and volunteer positions. Volunteers can get tuition discounts. Instructor commitments can be just 9 weeks (1 quarter).  Email denalicommschool@gmail.com for more information
  • Yearbook- A year-long project of collecting pictures a compiling the yearbook. This is best done with a small group and we already have at least one volunteer. Can you help?