Family and community volunteers enrich our students lives in so many ways.  At Denali, families are asked to donate 40 hours of their time  a year – whether that is helping with in the classroom, working on a project from home, chaperoning a field trip or helping out on a PTSA project.  The PTSA uses Signup.com to help recruit and schedule volunteers.  But for now we have some immediate (pre-start) sign-up needs: call 907-441-6287 or email denaliptsa@gmail.com to volunteer.

  • Corporate Sponsors and Business Partners Outreach  We need help with outreach for corporate donors and business partnerships
  • FALL CARNIVAL. We desperately need 1-2 Coordinators:  The carnival coordinators from recent years will not be available next year. Without a coordinator, there will not be a carnival. ​​☹ Nobody does it all, but somebody needs to take lead. You will have lots of guidance, but need time and energy. (~12-20 hours)
  • Community School Instructors: These are paid and volunteer positions. Volunteers can get tuition discounts. Instructor commitments can be just 9 weeks (1 quarter).  Email denalicommschool@gmail.com for more information
  • VOLUNTEER COORDINATORS: We need a Kindergarten and an Upper Elementary (4th, 5th and 6th Grade) volunteer coordinator. This person will reach out to either PTSA members or classes to help recruit event or project specific volunteers.
  • October Book Fair – Help is needed with book fair sales, before and after school.
  • Yearbook- A year-long project of collecting pictures a compiling the yearbook. This is best done with a small group and we already have at least one volunteer. Can you help?