Ever wonder what exactly the Denali Montessori PTSA does?

Montessori Supplies
Denali’s classrooms look different. In the Montessori curriculum students learn by using┬áMontessori materials; real objects to translate abstract ideas into concrete form, that invite exploration and discovery. These materials are provided from funding outside of Anchorage School District funds, largely through the efforts of the Denali PTSA.
Teacher Training
With the exception of the Life Skills program, all Denali Teachers are trained Montessori teachers. Additionally, teacher training never stops.  Denali PTSA support teachers by providing scholarships for their training.
Fall Carnival
Denali PTSA organizes our annual Fall Carnival, held at the end of fall parent-teacher conferences. It is a time for great fun, and is also a major fundraiser for the school.
Back-to-School Picnic
Denali PTSA sponsors the annual Back-to-School Picnic.
Field Trips
Denali PTSA provides funding for each class to take a school bus for a field trip.
Classroom Grants
Denali PTSA offers small classroom grants to teachers for special projects.
PE Equipment and Field Day

 Denali PTSA supports our students physical education by providing grants for the purchase of PE equipment and supplies for Field Day. For example, we contributed to the purchase and maintenance of cross-country skis and ski boots, so that all students get to experience this great snow sport.

Choir and Ignite

PTSA also provides support to optional programs like Ignite and Denali Choir. In 2022, PTSA funded materials for Ignite students to create short animated films and purchased Denali Choir t-shirts for use in performances.

Running Jamboree and Battle of the Books

Denali PTSA provides funds to support our schools participation in district-wide activities and academic competitions such as the Spelling Bee and Battle of the Books.